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:iconleneanderson: tagged me :F


1. You have to observe the rules.
2. You have to write 15 facts about yourself.
3. You have to answer 10 questions.
4. You have to tag about 8 persons.
5. The person who tagged you can be re-tagged.
6. You have to inform the tagged person on her/his profile.
7. Without the rule "if you read this, you're tagged".

Facts about myself:
1. It's difficult for me to write facts about myself.
2. I love arts mainly because it let me in to another world and emotional state and shows people's sensitivity.
3. Sensitivity is one of most important human qualities in my opinion (and it's not only about being sensitive about yourself and getting hurt easily), I don't like people who are neutral about almost everything, playing tough all the time or just being shallow.
4. I don't like either too cynical or naïve people.
5. I am usually afraid of any important decisions, but then happy that I made one.
6. I ALWAYS do things last minute and then get terribly nervous.
7. I like cold colours.
8. I hate hypocrisy.
9. I am not able to blow a bubble with chewing gum.
10. I am also not able to whistle.
11. But I can swim and ride a bike, fortunately.
12. I like black and absurd sense of humour.
13. I try to be a photographer, with miscellaneous results.
14. I love eating and sleeping, unfortunately eating mostly during night and sleeping on a day time.
15. I like animals, they are like people but with almost no demands and harmfulness... So basically they're opposite.

Lene's questions:
1. Do you prefer animals or plants?
2. What a talent you would like to have?
3. Would you rather fly or be invisible?
4. What kind of electronic equipment do you have? Which one you use most often?
5. What is your favorite poem?
6. With what fictional character would you get married?
7. What is your favorite story from your childhood?
8. Where do you like to spend holidays?
9. How many hours a day do you spend on the internet?
10. What sport do you play most often?

My answers:
1. I respect both, but it's easier to communicate with animals ;) Although some people seem to be closer to plants and we have to communicate with them sometimes :O_o:
2. Writing talent.
3. Fly to move faster; flying above people stuck in traffic like "huehuehue, you loosers" would be awesome ]:->
4. Computer, camera and phone, using most often computer, so I guess pretty standard.
5. Hm hard to say, I'm much more into prose… First poems which come to my mind: "Marriage of Heaven and Hell" by W. Blake,  "Raven" by E. A. Poe, "Apollo and Marsyas" by Z. Herbert, "Mushrooms" by S. Plath…
6. Recently Will Graham from "Hannibal" TV series ;)
7. All the "Moomins" episodes and books.
8. Anywhere different from everyday life.
9. Too many ;/
10. Sport, eee, hmmm… :P

Questions for you:
1. What would you do if you got to know that end of Earth is coming tomorrow?
2. Would you prefer to spend one year on the most cold and deserted place somewhere on the North Pole or in the most hot and over-populated place for example in Africa?
3. Would you like to legalize drugs or guns (if you had to legalize one of those)?
4. Do you like place you live in or would you like to change it?
5. Do you analyze dreams sometimes?
6. Would you rather be in relationship with someone extremely controlling or completely passive?
7. Tell me the one personality trait you can't stand about people.
8. 'F' is for…? (first thing coming to your mind)
9. Wine or vodka?
10. Shapely breasts or nice ass? ^^

I chooooose:


Poland… - my facebook page

Favorite visual artists:
D. Aronofsky, P. Szulkin, D. Lynch, J. Jarmusch, S. Kubrick, Z. Beksiński, H. Bosch, W. Hasior, F. Kahlo, F. Bacon, A. Wróblewski, R. Magritte, F. Sigismondi, E. Olaf, B. Brandt, M. Gordin, J. Saudek

Favorite movies:
"O-bi O-ba", "Wild At Heart", "Dogville", "The Believer", "Pi", "Svidd Neger", "Eraserhead", "Broken Flowers", "Man Bites Dog", "Tideland", "Inception", "Dancer in the Dark", "El día de la bestia", "Crimem Ferpecto", "Natural Born Killers", "Amelia", "Beyond the black rainbow"

Favorite bands / musical artists:
Enslaved, Ulver, Rotting Christ, Fields of the Nephilim, Psyclon Nine, Skinny Puppy, Aborym, Clan of Xymox, Tiamat, Suicide Commando, Yann Tiersen, Clint Mansell, Amon Amarth, The Cure, Sisters of Mercy, Combichrist, Gorgoroth, Morbid Angel, NIN, Vallenfyre

Favorite books:
"Rayuela", "The Green Mile", "Fear Nothing", "Master and Margaret", "Dolores Claiborne", "Desperation", "Thinner", "One hundred years of solitude", "We're All in This Together", "The portrait of Dorian Gray", "The shadow of the wind", "The trial", "Investigations of a Dog", "1984", "Brave New World"

Favorite writers:
Stephen King, Dean Koontz, Julio Cortazar, Trent Reznor, William Blake, Bolesław Leśmian, Franz Kafka

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